Or Tzedek: Space Still Available in JCUA’s Teen Summer Program

The Or Tzedek Teen Social Justice Summer 2010 season is just around the corner. This year’s participants are an amazing group of teens from across North America (and even someone from Germany!) from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. What everyone shares in common is a desire to create a fun, inspiring and safe environment to explore their Jewish and social justice identities.

Program highlights include:

  • Meeting with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and other politicians
  • Collaborating with other teen groups on Immigration Reform and on Environmental Justice campaigns
  • Working with hotel workers on advocating for Worker’s Rights
  • Interfaith collaboration and friendship trainings and events
  • Fireworks at Millennium Park, bowling, Navy Pier

There is still room for a few more teens this summer. If you are, or know of someone else interested in Or Tzedek, please check out the Or Tzedek website, and contact Tom Samuels at (312) 663-0960 or toms@jcua.org

Community Ambassador

Tom Samuels, Director of Teen Programs at JCUA, was recently selected to be a One Chicago, One Nation Community Ambassador! This is a program designed to bring together Chicagoans of diverse faiths and cultures, through addressing local needs. Community Ambassadors come from Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, range in age from 17 to 80, are attending high school, college, graduate school and seminary, speak 20 different languages, are Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Baha’i, Secular Humanist, Agnostic, Nonreligious and Spiritual, and work as community organizers, engineers, nannies, educators, health advocates, poets, reporters and attorneys, among others.

Cambodian & Jewish Teens for Immigration Reform

On Sunday, March 21, in solidarity with the Immigration Reform March in Washington, D.C., teens from the Cambodian Association of Illinois and JCUA’s Or Tzedek Teen Social Justice Program met at the Cambodian Association of Illinois to learn about the effects of deportation on the Cambodian-America community. They watched the documentary “Sentenced Home,” which features the stories of Cambodian-Americans who were deported to Cambodia and had to leave their families and lives behind. They then planned next steps to take action on fixing our immigration system. Click here for pictures of this amazing event.

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