Action, May 25: Don’t Deport Our Economy

Please come out and support the call for the immediate reform of our nation’s severely broken immigration system. Show your solidarity as JCUA members, local elected officials, union and faith leaders engage in civil disobedience by blocking the entrance of the downtown Chicago office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Don’t Deport Our Economy
Action in Downtown Chicago
Tuesday, May 25
3:00 – News Conference, Federal Plaza (Dearborn & Adams), Chicago
3:30 – March to ICE

The message is “Don’t Deport Our Economy!” and it focuses on the ways that family separation wrecks our economy and how comprehensive immigration reform would boost it.

“This will be another powerful and important statement against the terror families across our nation are going through on a daily basis,” according to Tom Walsh, director of advocacy at JCUA. Walsh and Sidney Hollander, board member, will lead JCUA’s delegation at this event.

Walsh says he is beginning to receive information from Chicago’s northwest suburbs, where police reportedly are stopping people for no reason and if a suspicion arises they are grilling people for papers and arresting citizens and undocumented people at alarming rates.

“Arizona is here in Illinois, unfortunately,” says Walsh.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights says:

“Nationally, time is running out for comprehensive immigration reform. President Obama and the Republicans need to see our unity and the lengths to which we are willing to go. They also need to be reminded that just as our families can’t wait, our economy can’t wait for reform.

“Illinois will not become another Arizona. Mass deportations and E-verify cost billions and gum up any shot we have at an economic recovery. Why leave $1.5 trillion on the table in the middle of a recession?

“That’s why we are uniting Labor, faith, elected officials, and community leaders to go into the belly of the beast and tell ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement): Don’t Deport Our Economy. As ICE slows down our ability to work every day, we will block the entrance to their building and disrupt their work.”

Support our work to stop the spread of Arizona-ism. Donate to JCUA’s “50x50x50” campaign.

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