“Sweet Home Chicago”: The Moral Imperative for Affordable Housing

Sweet Home Chicago Campaign for Affordable HousingA proposal to allocate a portion of Chicago’s TIF funds to affordable housing is gaining momentum, according to Judy Levey, JCUA’s manager of community development. The Sweet Home Chicago Campaign — of which JCUA is a supporter — is calling on the city to designate 20 percent of funding raised through Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for housing affordable to very low-income Chicagoans.

At a lively Chicago City Council committee meeting this morning (July 7), numerous community groups, unions and social justice organizations gathered to support and add their testimony to the growing chorus of voices in support of the Sweet Home Chicago plan.

JCUA staff and interns at City Hall: Rachel Soren (from left), Julia Vangheluwe, Judy Levey, Katherine Nasielski, Robbie Dembo and Steven Blumenthal.

Along with a group of JCUA staff members and interns, Levey attended the hearing and filed this statement:

Since 1964, The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (JCUA) has pursued a social justice and human rights agenda by partnering with communities throughout the City of Chicago advocating against issues of poverty and racism, and mobilizing a Jewish constituency to take a stand against injustice and oppression.

JCUA supports the Sweet Home Chicago campaign and ordinance because everyone in our City deserves the right to safe and affordable housing.  This basic need is out of reach to tens of thousands of individuals and families in Chicago.

We believe that there is an ethical and moral imperative to immediately increase opportunities for Chicagoans striving to find a permanent and affordable home.  Sweet Home Chicago is a bold and innovative campaign that JCUA supports because it provides a workable solution right now to Chicago’s growing need for affordable housing.

We call upon all members of the City Council and Mayor Daley to publicly support the ordinance being championed by the Sweet Home Chicago members, their allies, and at least 25 bold and courageous City Council members.

Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Levey, Manager of Community Development


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