Judge Delays Portions of Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law: Jewish Response

A “bump in the road” or an opportunity for Congress?

By Jonathan Lehrer
Director of Communications, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs 

Reaction in Arizona to judge's decision on SB1070

Reaction in Arizona to judge's decision on SB1070

With a stroke of the pen today, a federal judge in Phoenix put on hold the most controversial and egregious aspects of SB1070 – the anti-immigrant law in Arizona. Her ruling came this morning, less than a day before the law was scheduled to go into effect. 

[Chicagoans to rally about Arizona on Thursday, Aug. 29. Be there!]

As the many lawsuits that have been filed against continue to be reviewed by the court in Phoenix, the ball is now in a different “court,” namely Capitol Hill in Washington. 

The battle over this law is far from over and the need for comprehensive immigration reform on a national scale is as critical as ever. Today’s preliminary injunction is a delay that provides an opportunity and a responsibility for both major parties in Congress – finally! – to fix our broken immigration system. 

Speaking to reporters shortly after today’s ruling, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called the court’s action “A little bump in the road.” But it’s more than that. SB1070 has the potential to act as a racial profile “permission slip” for zealous law-enforcement officials across the country. 

Indeed, Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio said the ruling would have little impact on his plans for tomorrow: a “crime-suppression” operation, whatever that might be. 

Noting that today’s ruling is a preliminary injunction, Brewer said the court hadn’t yet “heard the merits of the bill.” This bill has no merit and should be stopped permanently. 

Most of SB1070 WILL go into effect tomorrow, while key provisions are on hold. These news articles provide details:

New York Times  /  Arizona Republic

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