JCUA’s Judaism and Urban Poverty Program Kicks Back in Gear: Meet Miriam Grossman

Miriam Grossman, Educational Programs Coordinator

JCUA would like to welcome on staff Miriam Grossman, the new Educational Programs Coordinator. With her rich background in social justice work and knowledge of Jewish values, Grossman is sure to do well as she works on the Judaism and Urban Poverty (JUP) program.

This school year’s program will engage 200-300 seventh through tenth grade students in synagogues throughout Chicagoland—challenging them to think about the causes and potential responses to poverty, and Jewish approaches to alleviating poverty. The seven-week program combines creative activities with the study of Jewish texts and volunteer opportunities.

“I think that if you show kids a vision of a better world, it empowers them to act now as well as when they’re adults,” said Grossman.

Brainstorming ideas for new JUP session

Thirteen Chicago synagogues are involved with the JUP program this year. The sessions will be taught by trained synagogue staff and Nadiv fellows—young Jewish leaders in their twenties who spend a year studying Judaism and social justice, while teaching the JUP curriculum.

Grossman just finished up a training session with the Nadiv fellows [Get a glimpse of the session.] and said she’s excited to get things rolling.

“I’m really excited to work with these fellows and others involved with JUP to strengthen this program and to make it more interactive, more sustainable, and just have a bigger impact,” she said.

For more information on JUP, please e-mail miriam@jcua.org.

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