Take Action to Abolish the Illinois Death Penalty

By Michaela Purdue
Director of Community Programs, JCUA

For years JCUA and others have struggled against Illinois’ unjust and fatally flawed death penalty, looking forward to when repeal would be within our reach.

That time has finally come.

After ten years of moratorium, we have reached a tipping point.  It’s become clear that no reform can fix our broken death penalty system.

We are ready to stand up and say “Enough is enough,” after seeing 20 innocent men walk free from Illinois’ death row. We believe we can end the death penalty in Illinois within the next year, but we need your help.

JCUA is a partner member of the Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (ICADP).  ICADP is coordinating strategic efforts around the state to ensure we have the votes and support needed to make the death penalty history in Illinois.

We are asking you as a member and supporter of JCUA to join with us in our exciting efforts to repeal the death penalty in Illinois. We need people to help in a variety of ways: visiting with their legislators, writing letters to the editor, phone banking, and sharing your other skills.

Click here to let us know that you want to join our efforts to end the death penalty in our state: http://icadp.org/jointhecampaign. Be sure to write in “Jewish Council on Urban Affairs” on the line that asks for the organization you represent.

Thanks for your support.

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