Join JCUA in a Historic Campaign to Get Out the Vote: Define America 2010

The time has come to define your America. Take action against words and acts of Islamophobia and racism, against attempts to restrict our cherished freedom of religious expression.

Join JCUA and thousands of Jews and members of other communities across the country in a historic campaign to mobilize a progressive Jewish voice and get out the vote on November 2nd.

Define your America.

This election season we have the opportunity to impact the path our country will take. In Illinois we have highly contested races for senator, members of Congress, governor and numerous local officials.

Voting alone is not enough.

We must register new voters and get people out to the polls on November 2nd. You can make a difference. And together we can make change.

Can you pledge a few hours of your time to volunteer?

Sign up here and you will be contacted by Sandi Gutstein, our Civic Engagement Coordinator to get involved. Volunteer activities can include door knocking, phone banking, coordinating an event at your synagogue, social action committee, community group or more.

Join me in defining our America,

Jane Ramsey
Executive Director, JCUA

For more information, please contact Sandi Gutstein, Civic Engagement Coordinator, at 312.663.0960 ext. 124 or Volunteer at

DefineAmerica2010 is a project of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, including: Jewish Community Action (St. Paul, Minn.), Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (Chicago), Jewish Funds for Justice (New York), Jews United for Justice (Washington), and Progressive Jewish Alliance (Los Angeles).

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