JCUA Receives 2010 B’Yachad Award for Collaboration from A Just Harvest

For work in collaboration with A Just Harvest on the Rental Improvement Fund campaign, JCUA received the organization’s 2010 Award for Collaboration. [Read more from JCUA’s Brian Gladstein.]

Board President Steve Keen’s remarks after receiving B’Yachad Award for Collaboration from A Just Harvest, Oct. 10, 2010 at the Mid-America Club, Chicago, Ill.

JCUA Board President Steve Keen

Thank you so much for this award. It is an honor for the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs to be acknowledged by A Just Harvest whose mission of tackling the root causes of hunger, is truly admirable.

All this for the goal of creating a more just city.

But to achieve that goal we must work together. The name of this award, B’Yachad, is a Hebrew word for togetherness, and togetherness is key to creating change.

In the words of Rabbi Robert Marx, JCUA’s founder, it is by “sitting down together in the light of reason” that we can resolve our problems.

Rabbi Marx shared those words in 1966, in the midst of a burgeoning civil rights movement. His passion for helping disadvantaged communities developed into what JCUA is today.

JCUA has been active in helping communities find safe and affordable housing since the 1980s when our Community Ventures partners started making pre-development loans to build SROs and save rental apartments slated for conversion.

These JCUA Community Ventures loans continue today with various affordable and Section 8 housing projects in the city.

This is why our partnership with Northside P.O.W.E.R. on the Rental Improvement Fund campaign is so important. No one should have to choose between housing they can afford and housing that is decent and safe. Preserving and improving rental conditions for our impacted neighbors is a just cause that JCUA fully supports.

And though achieving this goal will be challenging, one fact remains true: There is power in collaboration, and in time we are sure to succeed.


We treasure our partnership with A Just Harvest on the RIF campaign and look forward to continued collaboration on this project and other projects in the future.

Thank you.

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