JCUA Named One of North America’s Most Innovative Jewish Nonprofits

CHICAGO, Oct.19, 2010 – The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs has been named one of the nation’s 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits for the second year in a row in the annually released Slingshot, a resource guide for Jewish nonprofits.

(Read the write-up about JCUA.)

Steve Keen and Jane Ramsey at the 2010 "Slingshot Day"

Steve Keen and Jane Ramsey at the 2010 "Slingshot Day"

Slingshot identifies organizations finding innovative ways to deal with concerns in Jewish life such as identity, community and tradition. Finalists are chosen for the guide based on their strength in four areas: innovation, impact, leadership and organizational efficiency.

Since 1964 JCUA (www.jcua.org) has been working to educate and mobilize the Jewish community in response to policies, practices and issues affecting both our region and the nation at large, which among other things include the lack of affordable housing, the need for comprehensive immigration reform, the lack of government accountability and the rise of Islamophobia.

“This recognition honors and endorses the type of work that JCUA has been doing,” said Steve Keen, JCUA president. We are pleased to be included with so many other innovative Jewish non-profits.”

About JCUA, one of the Slingshot evaluators said that JCUA “has been around since the 1960s can still be innovative. Others should take note of their ability to roll out relevant programming, work with effective partners and remain focused on the issues of the day. If I had to pick one Slingshot organization guaranteed to be relevant 10 years from now, it would be JCUA.”

Will Schneider, the Director of Slingshot, said “2010 was the most competitive year that Slingshot has experienced. Not only are there a greater number of applicants each year, but the extent and complexity of each applicant’s impact has increased.”

“The feedback from the evaluators told us that the guide could easily have been filled with twice as many inspirational projects, so these 50 had to really shine to rise to the top,” said Schneider. 

Slingshot ’10/’11 was unveiled on Oct. 18 at the annual Slingshot Day launch, a sold-out event in New York city. More than 250 not-for-profit leaders, foundation professionals, and funders of all ages spent the day engaged in candid conversations about philanthropy and innovation.

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