Chicago Task Force Against Gambling Bill Before Illinois Lawmakers in Veto Session

JCUA is a member of the Task Force to Oppose Casino Gambling in Chicago, a group that has existed for 20 years– opposing every attempt to bring gambling to the city. The below letter to the editor was written by Doug Dobmeyer, task force spokesperson, to address casino gambling, as the issue is before the Illinois General Assembly during the veto session.

November 9, 2010

To The Editor:

Forces are again at work to bring a casino to Chicago with 4,000 gambling positions and three other locations for 3,600 positions. Wait there is more – the proposed bill would allow 6,300 gambling machines at Illinois’ six horse tracks. And there is even more, 800 more gambling positions at existing and new casinos for a total of 10,400 more gambling positions. Finally, the state in the midst of a budget emergency would allocate money to County Fairs to conduct wagering on horse racing and all riverboats may become land-based casinos.

Wow, that’s a lot of gambling. Considering the gambling public lost on average $102 per person in October, that’s a lot of money lost to the gambling bosses. Money that was lost from college funds, mortgage or rent payments and food for the family funds.

These gambling efforts are led by a former legislator who is now a lobbyist. But, the gamblers are also trying to reinvent the norms of society to accommodate more gambling in an over saturated market.

Chicago has consistently made it known through public opinion mechanisms they do not want casinos in the city. At the same time, gambling interests want to legalize over 15,000 video poker machines in the city. What do they want – total gambling slaves of the people living and visiting in Chicago?

Let’s hope that cooler heads will prevail. Chicago is a fine world class city without gambling in our city limits. Let’s keep it that way and work to support our fine sports teams, putting kids through school instead of worrying about “the Man” collecting his winnings.







WBEZ: Task force calls on mayoral hopefuls to oppose casinos in Chicago

Members of the Task for to Oppose Gambling in Chicago include:

St. Sabina’s Catholic Church

First United Methodist Church (Chicago Temple)

Jewish Council on Urban Affairs

Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems

Community Renewal Society

Protestants for the Common Good

Jeannie Evans, attorney and Public Affairs Representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Americans for Democratic Action

United Methodist Church

Epiphany UCC Church

Community Renewal Society

Anti-Gambling Task Force United Methodist Church Northern Illinois

League of Women Voters of Chicago

David Orr, Cook County Clerk

Better Government Association

Voices for Illinois Children

One Response to Chicago Task Force Against Gambling Bill Before Illinois Lawmakers in Veto Session

  1. samir says:

    I am oppposed to this outcome,I feel that instead of putting our efforts and energy towards gambling let us emphasis on our children’s education and future.As a parent and a business owner I feel this system has failed everyone especially our childrens future.It is time to put a stop to the corrupted politicians that only think of there payoffs and what they will gain out of this deal.This proposed bill will cause businesses to shut down.This addiction is similar to the addiction on drugs only legalized.WAKE UP ILLINOIS AND LET’S PUT A STOP TO THE CORRUPTION AND LET US BE HEARD…,the people of illinois will loose their jobs ,their homes their life also,I am worried that crime rate will go up. What will we gain out of all of this only negativeness.Indiana’s casinos are close to home and they are more than enough,We are struggling with this economy as is. The casinos in vegas are struggling and the people economically are at the lowest ever.So how will this project help our state?Here is a point people already are gambling on sports,horse races,computers,stocks what else do they need!Years ago alchol and gambling was illegal, once it was taxed and legalized all that came out of this was corruption.What we really need is peace and harmony and for the corrupted system to stop thinking of themselves.

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