Principles of Good City Government

Developing Government Accountability to the People

These principles were created by the Developing Government Accountability to the People (DGAP) project. Learn more about DGAP at

Good city government includes the following:

  • Policies that serve the interests of all people, regardless of race, income, religion or neighborhood
  • Adequate, accessible public resources targeted to the most vulnerable members of society, including schools, parks, community centers, infrastructure such as streets and sidewalks, and all programs and services
  • Participatory democracy that expands opportunities for residents to engage in decision-making, through such avenues as local school councils, advisory boards and task forces, as well as regularly scheduled, conveniently located hearing and town hall meetings
  • Transparent decision-making, open communications and easy access to information
  • Fair and equitable hiring and bidding practices that take into account historic and current injustices
  • Politicians that advocate on a federal, state and regional level for programs and funds that enrich all residents regardless of their race, class, gender or neighborhood
  • Politicians who hold to high ethical standards in campaigning and fundraising

[Read what JCUA’s Brian Gladstein has to say about the upcoming Chicago municipal elections]

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