Or Tzedek Alumnus Shares His Passion for Environmental Justice

Sam Cox, Or Tzedek alumnus

My name is Sam Cox and I am an Or Tzedek veteran. You may be aware that I am starting an Environmental Justice Committee, and I would like to tell you more about it.

The goal of the committee is to research environmental justice issues, collaborate with local ally organizations, and support their campaigns by working in solidarity.

Or Tzedek members will run and organize the committee, but, of course, we are happy to accept the support of non-alumni and non-Jewish members.

The overall goal of the committee is to make environmental issues bigger in the public eye of Chicago, successfully combat environmental justice issues that are negatively impacting Chicago communities, achieve a healthier environment, and promote & uphold eco-friendly standards of living.

Currently, far too many Chicago communities are experiencing the destructive repercussions of environmental injustices. Examples of critical issues that we can begin working on are:

  • Advocating for clean air: work with community partners to shut down the Fisk and Crawford coal plants that are negatively affecting communities in Pilsen and Little Village)
  • Upholding public water access: prevent the city from privatizing the water supply
  • Green space: work with community partners on the Southwest Side and advocate for safer green space

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact me at my email: blacklabel308@yahoo.com or Leah at leah@jcua.org. Please bring ideas, research, and anything else to make the next meeting productive for the group.

I look forward to working with any potential members.

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