Give to Your Future by Giving to Their Future

“Or Tzedek was the most eye-opening experience of my life. Everything we have learned and everything we have done is sending me home with an unstoppable desire to make a difference in my community.” – Nadav Marcus, Or Tzedek alumnus

JCUA has been awarded a $62,500 matching grant to fund the Or Tzedek Social Justice Teen Institute. We need to raise $31,250 (half) of our goal by April 1. We are making progress, but we need your help.

Please donate today.*

Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar to provide for housing, food and activity expenses that are not covered by tuition.

Help us ensure Or Tzedek remains affordable and accessible to all teens.
Through hands-on service, teen-led social action projects and education about Jewish values and social justice, Or Tzedek ignites a fire for justice in teens who go on to do things like:

  • Become president of an interfaith youth core
  • Found a nonprofit to work on the issue of homelessness
  • Organize a trip to Madison, Wis. to stand in solidarity with union workers
  • Coordinate a speakers panel to raise awareness on immigrant rights issues
  • Create programs and events to bring Jewish, Muslim and Christian teens together
  • Return to Or Tzedek year after year to work as counselors

Or Tzedek teens share:

“I had a lot of experience with social action before Or Tzedek, but until this program I had never had a chance to impact the world by examining real issues in our society. I learned so much this week and hopefully I can take that back to my communities at school and temples and my friends, so we can all do more to help.” – Rebecca Bakal

“Before Or Tzedek, I never realized how amazing the Torah is for solving problems and dealing with issues in today’s society. After learning about all of these issues, I  don’t feel like I CAN do something, I feel like I MUST. Or Tzedek has opened my eyes to both ends of the spectrum – both the horrible injustices taking place in the world every day and the opportunities we have as a people to fix them using the Torah as tool.” – Julia Webb

“Or Tzedek connected me to Judaism because it showed me how to use my religion to its full potential and make the world a better place.” – Ali Lansing

*If you would rather donate offline, contact Pamela Klier-Weidner at 312.663.0960.

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