Illinois at Risk of Biggest Gambling Expansion in More Than Two Decades

[JCUA is a member of the Task Force to Oppose Casino Gambling in Chicago, a group that has existed for 20 years– opposing every attempt to bring gambling to the city.]

On Monday, May 30, in a vote of 65-50, the Illinois House approved legislation that puts Chicago, and the rest of the state at risk of the biggest gambling expansion in more than two decades.

The bill may be up for a vote today (May 31) in the Senate. If passed, the bill goes to Gov. Pat Quinn who has shown support for bringing a casino to the city.

Please call your state senators now (217-782-2000) and let them know how detrimental the legislation would be to Illinois.

Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), the bill’s sponsor, said a gambling expansion would “be a dramatic help for the economic engine of Illinois” by creating new jobs and revenue when the stark truth is that having a casino would increase gambling addictions, crime and loss of income.

SB 744 would do the following and much more:

  • Creates the Chicago Casino Development Authority to promote and maintain a casino in the City of Chicago
  • Legalizes slot machines at airports in Chicago
  • Legalizes 4 additional casinos in Danville, Rockford, Park City, and the South Suburbs
  • Legalizes slot machines and video gambling machines at 6 racetracks

Call your senators now (217-782-2000) and ask them to vote NO to SB 744.

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