Or Tzedek Teens Lead an Interfaith Vigil

By Eve Carne
Communications Intern

On a cold, Friday morning, bright and early, nine teenagers gave up sleeping in to pray for those impacted by our broken immigration system.  The teens, who were participating in JCUA’s week-long Or Tzedek program, helped lead a prayer service for immigrants that were about to be deported.

The interfaith service took place outside of the detention center where immigrants are being held.  Services used to be held at the Broadview detention center, but are now being held downtown as the Broadview center is temporarily closed for remodeling.

This vigil tradition was started by Sister Jo Anne Persch and Sister Pat Murphy,  two nuns from the Chicago Sisters of Mercy dedicated to keeping families together.  The Or Tzedek teens read Hebrew prayers along with prayers they wrote themselves.  The Sisters and others present at the vigil said they were excited to see teenagers actively involved in such an important issue.

If you’re interested in attending a vigil they take place every Friday morning from 7:15-7:45 am in front of the detention center located on 101 West Congress.

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