Or Tzedek’s Winter Leadership Retreat: Dec. 28-30

In 1903, Rose Schneiderman organized women garment workers in her factory to charter the first women’s local branch of her union. She was 21 when she became a leader in the fight for workers’ rights.

In 1960, Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, and Ezell Blair, Jr. ordered food at a “Whites only” Woolworth’s Counter and refused to leave when they were not served. They were college freshman when they engineered the first sit-in of the civil rights movement.

In 1966, David A. Reed, David P. O’Brien, David Benson, and John A. Phillips burned their draft cards. They were 19, 19, 18, and 22, respectively, when they took a public stand against the Vietnam War.

How will teens change the world in 2011?

Or Tzedek, JCUA’s teen institute for social justice, presents its first annual winter leadership retreat, Dec. 28-30, 2011. Participants will meet Chicago area teens and engage in three intensive, incredible days of building friendships, taking action in Chicago’s diverse communities, exploring Jewish approaches to justice, and developing as a leader. The leadership retreat is open to high school students, both who have and have not participated in Or Tzedek and Or Tzedek alums in college.

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With an overarching theme of youth empowerment, teens will strengthen their Jewish identity and activist skills through hands-on service, in-depth study, and participation in real-life community organizing campaigns. This year, we witnessed the birth of the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, youth-led movements that innovated the way we organize our communities. Now is the time to explore on how youth can be effective agents for social change. Register Now!

For more information, please contact Rebecca, teen programs coordinator, at 312-663-0960 ext. 124 or rebecca@jcua.org or check out these FAQ’s!

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