Attorney Lowell Sachnoff Receives Social Justice Award from JCUA

Lowell Sachnoff, Fay Clayton

The honoree addressing the audience; and with his wife, Fay Clayton. (Photo: Marc Harris)

Rep. Jan Schakowsky said: “Next to the word “mensch” in the Yiddish dictionary, the word for a good and decent person, there should be a picture of Lowell Sachnoff.”

Sen. Dick Durbin said: “Lowell has lifted up the voices of people who are often overlooked “

Hon. Abner Mikva said: “Lowell Sachnoff is a contributor to good causes and a worker of good works.

These laudatory comments — and more — were in praise of Chicago attorney Lowell E. Sachnoff at JCUA’s annual Jurisprudence Dinner (Nov. 16, 2011). Sachnoff received the Arthur Goldberg Social Justice Award from JCUA, celebrating a legal career characterized by a commitment to social justice.

Mikva, a law professor, former congressman and retired federal judge, reminded the audience of more than 250 lawyers, friends and JCUA supporters that he and the award’s namesake — Arthur Goldberg — had worked together many years ago.

Using a Yiddish word that refers to the kind of pride a parent feels when his or her child gets his law degree, Mikva said Arthur is kvelling tonight. He’s kvelling because Lowell Sachnoff is his kind of lawyer and JCUA is his kind of organization.”

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Rabbi Bruce Elder, president of the JCUA board of directors, presented the award to Sachnoff, saying that the honoree “personifies that which we love about JCUA, in speaking out for truth, showing leadership by inspiring others to seek and correct injustices.” As an example for younger generations, Elder said Sachnoff is a “giant.”

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Themes of the evening were housing justice, immigrant rights and Jewish-Muslim community outreach.

Mikva and David Graham, partner at Sidley & Austin LLP, were chairs of the event. Co-chairs included Robert L. Clifford, Jeffrey D. Colman, Robert L. Graham, Sidney N. (Skip) Herman, Michael LoVallo, Lee I. Miller, Judson H. Miner, Thomas P. Sullivan and William A. Von Hoene Jr.

Hon. Abner Mikva, Jane Ramsey, Lowell Sachnoff, David Graham

Hon. Abner Mikva, Jane Ramsey, Lowell Sachnoff and David Graham. (Photo: Marc Harris)

Banquet room at JCUA's Jurisprudence Dinner

More than 250 people attended the dinner in honor of Lowell Sachnoff. (Photo: Jonathan Lehrer)

The praiseworthy comments from Durbin and Schakowsky were played at the dinner from a prerecorded video.

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