Lowe’s Helps to Bring the Treatment of American Muslims to a New Low

 JCUA Statement

Click the picture to sign a petition protesting companies' decisions to pull advertising from "All-American Muslim."

The treatment  of  American Muslims by the media has reached a new low.

It has been clear for a while that there seems to be a concerted effort to demonize the Muslim community, and now corporate America is caving in to pressure from anti-Muslim groups to pull their ads from a reality TV show on the TLC cable network.

The latest battleground is a TV show. All American Muslim features the lives of American Muslim families. The show humanizes Muslims and challenges  negative stereotypes.

As depicted in the series, these families face the same types of issues as “average” Americans, compounded by the challenges of racism, religious conflict and the epidemic of Islamophobia that has been growing since 9/11.

Last week, anti-Muslim groups, led by the Florida Family Association, pressured American companies to pull their advertising dollars. They succeeded.  Lowe’s Home Improvement pulled their ads from the show.

Religious bigotry here in America? How is this possible?

A country founded by groups fleeing religious persecution?

As a  Jewish organization that has been partnering with Muslim organizations for more than 10 years to protect civil liberties and civil rights, we are asking you to take a stand against Islamophobia. A country founded by those who fled religious persecution should not and cannot tolerate bigotry of any kind.

Click here to sign the petition. (Once you sign, your name will be added to the 20,000 others who have spoken out already.)

This petition demands that American companies reject fear-mongering and stand for an America that values the dignity and the contributions of all its people.

As a Jewish community, we will not stand idly by and witness discrimination and prejudice against a people because of their religion.  Someone’s faith cannot be a tool for oppression. We stand in solidarity with Muslim-Americans in confronting Lowe’s and other companies’ bigotry.

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Comedian Jon Stewart Pokes Fun

The campaign  to pull ads from All-American Muslim is so offensive it is almost funny. Use the link above to see how Jon Stewart frames this absurd controversy.

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