JCUA Condemns Attacks Against Muslim Institution

The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs condemns the attacks against the Islamic cultural center and the three other locations in Queens, New York on Sunday, Jan. 1.  We denounce the attempts to bring fear and intimidation to the Muslim community.

As a Jewish organization committed to combating racism and Islamophobia, we will continue to advocate for civil liberties and civil rights of the Muslim community in the United States.  There is no place for religious intolerance in New York or anywhere in this country.

The United States was founded on principles of religious freedom and over the course of  its history has enormously benefited from the diversity of its population.

“As Jews, members of another faith community that has long known religious intolerance and, solely on the basis of our religious affiliation, been the target of violence, discrimination and hate crimes, we are outraged by these senseless acts against our Muslim brothers and sisters.  We call upon all persons of faith and good will to condemn these and any such  attacks and pledge to stand in solidarity with the  Muslim community,” said Jane Ramsey, executive director of JCUA.

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