JCUA’s Submits Testimony to City Council Raising Concern on Proposed Ordinance Tightening Protest Regulations

On Tuesday January 17, 2012, JCUA  submitted a testimony to Mayor Rahm Emanuel regarding its proposed ordinance for tightening protest regulations.



January 17, 2012

Testimony by Jane Ramsey on Mayor Emanuel proposed changes to the city’s parade ordinance governing protests and marches.


The Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, founded nearly 50 years ago, to tackle poverty, racism and anti-Semitism in partnership with Chicago’s diverse communities, calls upon the Mayor and the City Council to ensure that Chicago residents’ rights to peaceful protest are protected.   As a democracy and a City that cherishes the expression and hearing of many voices on important matters impacting our communities and everyday lives, it is crucial that citizens’ rights to gather peacefully and to protest not be infringed upon as the City plans for the gathering of the G8.  We urge the Mayor and the City Council to ensure that, in submitting new ordinances regarding this event or any others, that no infringements, such as increases in fines for resisting arrest, size of placards, or limitations regarding permit requests for gatherings and parades are included and that the laws regarding such gatherings and parades that have been in place for many years are undisturbed.

As we showcase Chicago with opportunities such as the meeting of the G8, let us ensure that we highlight the greatness of our City, especially its embrace of its commitment to democracy and its citizens’ rights to public expression.

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