Sound the Alarm for the Affordable Care Act

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Submitted by Lauren Pranske
Campaign for Better Health Care 

“Sound the Alarm for Health Care Justice” is an interfaith effort coordinated by the Faith Caucus of the Campaign for Better Health Care to create an informed discourse and raise awareness on the issues facing the health care system in Illinois.

We recognize a need for a just health care system that does not exclude and discriminate against the poorest of society.

What is “Sound the Alarm?”

Congregations of all faiths join together in prayer or meditation and call for the creation of an affordable and quality healthcare system for all. The Affordable Care Act is a huge step forward to add coverage to over 30 million people across the country and the call for full implementation needs to be sounded.

Why should we “Sound the Alarm?”

Under the Affordable Care Act, the 753,000 children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage by insurance companies. For young adult the uninsured rates dropped by over 25% as a result of the provision to keep kids on their parents plan until 26. Yet, in Illinois we do not have a rate review system that has the authority to prevent insurance companies from making dramatic increases to premiums or an insurance exchange where Illinoisans can make an informed and fair choice on their insurance plans.

How can we “Sound the Alarm?”

Congregations can get involved in a variety of different ways. They can become an Ally by ringing a bell to symbolically “sound the alarm.” They can become an Associate by holding a prayer or hosting an event to encourage the implementation of health care reform. They can become an Advocate by sending letters to General Assembly members, the governor, or media sources urging them to create a health care system that is affordable, quality, and accessible.

  • Please visit for more information about participating in “Sound the Alarm.”

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