Lathrop Homes Advocates Set Teach-In and Action for April 24

Protest at CHA Lathrop Homes

Residents at a Lathrop Homes protest last year.

By Holly Krig
JCUA Community Organizer

Supporting the residents of Lathrop Homes, JCUA will host a teach-in and action in collaboration with the Chicago Housing Initiative. Lathrop Homes is a Chicago Housing Authority site in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

We are working directly with residents at Lathrop Homes, where CHA hopes to enact a plan similar to the mixed-income development at Cabrini’s Parkside, which has forcibly displaced hundreds of families and cost the city $11.4 million in bail-out for mostly market rate housing.

Lathrop Homes Teach-In and Action
(A collaboration of Chicago Housing Initiative, Common Ground and JCUA)
Tuesday, April 24, 10 am-noon (registration begins at 9:30)
Spertus Building, 630 S Michigan Ave., 9th floor
Contact Holly Krig: or 312-663-0960, ext 111

The Teach-In, which will help us understand the policy issues from the perspective of those who live with their impact will be followed by a public action. Folks will gather outside Spertus at noon for that portion of the day; details will be announced at the Teach-In. Contact me at JCUA before Friday if you are interested in helping to organize the action.

JCUA first came together with Lathrop Homes residents when we joined the Coalition to Protect Public Housing as CHA announced its Plan for Transformation.

Recently JCUA has joined the table again with a new formation of resident leaders called Common Ground. Once again, the timing is critical. CHA plans to announce its “recalibration” of the Plan for Transformation in June.

Housing is a human right. JCUA acts on this belief by putting our feet on the highly disputed ground that is Chicago’s public housing. JCUA stands with residents, with those who will face homelessness if this fight is ultimately lost.

If resident leaders and allies are to get ahead of more policy aimed at demolishing public housing and displacing more residents (the impact so far), then we must make our demands clear, backed by the broadest possible coalition, whose roots run deep in the struggle. That means residents leaders, and it also means allies like JCUA whose only agenda is to support the residents in the demand for the preservation of public housing and the leasing up of the thousands of units of vacant housing now, some of which have already been rehabbed.

Stand in solidarity with families fighting for preservation of public housing. Stand on that front line of the fight for housing as a human right because that is our fight. If you can’t be with us on April 24, contact us to find out how you can get involved. This is only the beginning, and it will take you and all the folks you can convince that this is their fight, too.

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