Getting out the immigrant vote: Or Tzedek’s Summer 2012 Reunion

By Hannah Lynch

The following in a blog post by Hannah Lynch, Or Tzedek Summer 2012 participant. Hannah is a sophomore at Chicagoland Jewish High School. During the 2012 summer reunion, Hannah showed herself to be a dedicated canvasser with a ferocious drive to register people to vote! 

Or Tzedek members – Hannah, Shani and Joel – canvassing to register immigrant voters in Highwood, IL.

As a follow up to our Or Tzedek experience, the three 2012 summer session participants reunited in Highwood, IL to empower immigrant voices in this election. We spent the day canvassing. We divided into small groups and went from house to house, talking to people about registering to vote and getting involved in the upcoming elections.

Because Highwood has a large  immigrant population, it was a fitting place to begin spreading the word about the elections and get young people and adults involved in the process. Voting in elections gives citizens the chance to speak up and support what is important to them. However, in order to do this, they must be registered voters. While there are qualifications to register to vote, namely, being a citizen and eighteen years old by Election Day, everyone has the capability to get involved. Other Or Tzedek participants and I set out to do just that; to inform people on the ways they can be civically involved, whether or not they can vote.

Or Tzedek participants at the post-canvassing pizza party

While the topic of the day was somewhat heavy, I can confidently say that we all had a great time meeting people of different backgrounds and empowering them to continue being active participants in local issues.

I loved both being part of my own community and talking to people who I probably would have never met if it weren’t for this project. I had a great time with my friends working on something so important. I cant wait to do something like this again.


JCUA needs YOUR help in getting out the immigrant vote! We will have canvassing days on:

  • Sunday, Sept. 30, 1-5pm
  • Sunday, Oct. 14, 1-5pm
  • Sunday, Oct. 28, 1-5pm

    People of ALL AGES are welcome and encouraged to attend!
    Contact for details.

More canvassing in Highwood, IL

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