In Pursuit of Just, Compassionate, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by Rabbi Alison Abrams
Director of Organizing, JCUA

There has been much energy, media coverage, excitement, and debate this week about both the Senate’s Blueprint and the President’s articulation of his vision for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).   At JCUA, we are glad to see Immigration Reform return to the national radar and hope the urgency and momentum we have seen in recent days remains strong over the coming months.

immigrationMembers of JCUA’s Immigrant Justice Action Team are again organizing and mobilizing a Jewish voice for a just and compassionate response to our broken immigration system through CIR legislation.  We will continue to advocate for a plan with a clear, effective path to citizenship that upholds civil rights and honors the humanity of undocumented immigrants (click for interactive timeline of our immigration work in recent years).

In  early 2010, JCUA drafted our “JCUA Statement of CIR Principles” which remain relevant in the current conversation about CIR.  Committed to human rights, we also want to see legislation which includes protection for LGBTQ people and their families.

Jewish tradition demands that we care for the “stranger” in our midst and our history compels us to fight for immigrant justice.  We invite you to join us in making just, compassionate, and comprehensive immigration reform a reality in 2013.

To get involved, contact:
Rabbi Ali Abrams
Director of Organizing, JCUA

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