[AUDIO] WBEZ Recently Reported on “Source of Income” Housing Campaign

by Lauren Goldstein
Organizing and Advocacy Intern, JCUA

WBEZ recently reported on the “Source of Income” campaign, of which JCUA is a partner. The campaign seeks protections for low-income residents in Cook County.

Housing - WBEZToday, in Chicago, we are fortunate enough that our city prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of a person’s source of income.

Regardless of how an individual earns an income, they can use that income for housing. Our neighbors in Cook County outside of Chicago do not enjoy safeguards against discrimination.

That’s right – outside of Chicago in Cook County, a person can be discriminated against by a property owner or landlord if they happen to pay their rent with a Housing Choice Voucher. This is codified discrimination happening in our very backyards.

As a partner in the Source of Income Campaign, JCUA has and continues to fight for a just amendment to this ordinance so that no Cook County residents may be denied housing due only to them being Housing Choice Voucher holders.

Listen to WBEZ’s recent coverage of the campaign (or read here):

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