Hineni Video Urges Jews to Commit to Immigration Reform

As Jews around the world gather for Yom Kippur, they will hear the Hineni prayer. “Hineni” means “here I am.” We understand it to be the Jewish response to being called into action.

It’s also the theme of a new video supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform just released by the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable, of which JCUA is a partner. The Roundtable says:

“In this moment, every American of every background has an opportunity to stand up and say, ‘Hineni. Here I am.'”

Watch the video, then click a link to use your Facebook page or Twitter feed to pledge your ongoing support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Barack Obama Hineni Video

The “Hineni” video features a speech about immigration reform by President Barack Obama, illustrated by historical photos of Jews taking action to repair the world.

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