Religious and Faith Leaders Demand a Progressive Income Tax

With only 70 days before deadline to pass the Fair Tax Act, over 100 religious & faith leaders say that Illinois’ elected officials must take swift action to prevent the state’s budget collapse for education, healthcare, and vital human services that support low-income and working families. JCUA, Arise Chicago, Community Renewal Society, SEIU, and other coalition partners have organized this interfaith service. Join us on Feb. 25, 10:30 am, at the Chicago Temple. 

logo-hoverChicago, IL – Approximately 100 religious and faith leaders are expected at an interfaith service at the Chicago Temple on Tuesday to call on politicians in Springfield to move forward on legislation to create a Fair Tax in Illinois, with lower tax rates for lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes.

People of faith feel compelled to act due to the injustice of Illinois’ tax code, where lower and middle income families pay a tax rate that is more than twice that of the very rich, when considering all state and local taxes paid.  They are deeply concerned that without fundamental budget reform that includes a Fair Tax, the looming fiscal cliff in Springfield will bring irreparable harm to Illinois’ most vulnerable communities – including children, seniors, and the poor – and impose intense suffering for years to come.

The revenue lost from expiration of the 2011 temporary income tax increase is projected to create an additional $2 billion hole on top of the state’s $6 billion in unpaid bills.

The broad and diverse coalition of faith leaders supporting a Fair Tax will speak to the urgency for action by leaders in Springfield on Tuesday, and will include representatives from Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, United Church of Christ, Muslim, and Jewish teachings.  More than 225 faith leaders from across the state have joined the coalition to date.

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