Jewish Teens to Mobilize 59th District Synagogues

photo 3 At Or Tzedek and Beth Emet’s latest Jewish organizing workshop, Mark Walsh and Camiella Williams from the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence shared both statistical and personally powerful arguments for gun violence prevention legislation.

Sixteen year old May Pat Hector, national youth director for National Action Network and founder of Youth in Action, spoke about her activism to mobilize youth to stand against gun violence in our country.
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Mark, Camiella, and Mary Pat all emphasized the importance of Or Tzedek and Beth Emet teens working on the legislative campaign to ban guns in houses of workshop (SB 3561 and SB 3572). It is essential for young people from different communities and with diverse social identities to work together on this issue.   

photo 2

After  those  inspiring speakers, we took some time to revise our action plan in light of our capacity. The success of our action plan is rooted in have attainable, time-bound goals. Given our time capacity and strategic goal to move Rep. Sente to vote for SB 3561 and SB 3572, we  decided to focus on synagogues as a place to mobilize her constituents.

Instead of canvassing in a neighborhood, we will go to synagogues in her district, asking people to contact Rep. Sente using the postcard we will be creating.

If you are a part of a synagogue in her district, which includes Buffalo Grove, Northbrook, and Lake Forest, and Long Grove, and want to get involved, please email Rebecca Katz at


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