Justice Pursued – A Week of Victories

In January, JCUA members committed to two organizing campaigns. This week, we took action on both campaigns and celebrated watershed milestones for worker justice.

mazel tov golans
Golan’s Strikers Victorious

For six months, workers at Golan’s Moving and Storage have been on strike. The owners at Golan’s regularly committed wage theft by requiring employees to work unpaid hours and to  pay a ‘deposit’ when promoted. Unable to get the owners to renegotiate a fair contract, the workers went on strike. After six months, their persitance has paid off! The strike has ended, a new contract has been written, and people are back at work, as new members of Teamsters Local 705. Mazel tov to the Golan’s workers for the win and to our community partner Arise Chicago for their perseverance in this crucial fight for economic justice.

  •  Want to celebrate the win? Join Arise Chicago and the Golan’s workers for a victory party on Sunday, March 1.
  • For party details and more info about the Golan’s strike, check out Arise Chicago’s February e-Newsletter.

anti wage theft legislation passage

Historic Anti-Wage Theft Legislation Passes

On Tuesday, JCUA and Arise Chicago celebrated the passage of a Cook County ordinance that places harsher penalties on businesses that commit wage theft.

JCUA Board President Peggy Slater says:

‘The Torah commands, ‘You shall not oppress your fellow.  You shall not rob.  The hired worker’s wage shall not remain with you overnight until morning (Leviticus 19:13).’  Our values clearly compel us to protect workers’ rights.  We are proud to stand against wage theft and urge Cook County to pass this ordinance.’

trauma center action

Trauma Center Coalition Makes Their Campaign An Election Issue

trauma center action 2Members of the Trauma Center Coalition demonstrated outside of the mayoral candidates forum on Tuesday. Before the debate, coalition activists held a mock ribbon-cutting ceremony for the “People’s Obama Library”, which includes a trauma center. The purpose of the action was to press the University and the mayor to respond to the community’s need for a level 1 adult trauma center. Several community, student, and faith groups comprise the Trauma Center Coalition -including JCUA.

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