Why You Should ‘Just’ Eat on June 15

Max-WolodBy Max Wolod
‘Just’ Eat Event Committee Member and Guest Blogger

My name is Max Wolod and I am thrilled to be a small part of the planning committee for JCUA’s “Just Eat” event on June 15th. My sister Hannah is a JCUA employee and an all-around awesome person, and when she asked me a few months ago if I would like to be a part of said committee, I was leaning away from participating. Work for free? FEH!

Hannah approached me because of my professional background in bars and restaurants. If I’m being honest, and what better place than an online bio that will be read by maybe 3 people for honestly, she hoped to work me for my “cool people” industry contacts. BUT, when I learned more about JCUA and about the ‘Just’ Eat event itself, I made up my mind and decided to do what I could to help out.

It ended up being an easy choice. JCUA is a group of wholly devoted and soulful and interesting and altruistic people, doing incredibly important work with limited means, advocating for the RIGHT causes, helping make Chicago, the city I love and YOU love, a just place for all its people…my association with them, limited though it may be, has made me feel good. REALLY good. I don’t know about you, but the majority of my pursuits could hardly be considered worthwhile. So the opportunity to do something empirically good and soul-nourishing with food, easily the most important thing in both my personal and professional life…I’m a lucky guy.

There’s a reason why everyone and their mother says they “love” food. I couldn’t be friends with someone who lacked that sentiment. George Bernard Shaw obviously got it. He said, and I of course agree, that “there is no sincerer love than the love of food.” I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know (and are likely sick of hearing), but food is SO IMPORTANT!!! It bring us together, it reminds us of the past and of our roots and of the future all at once, it gives us great joy, it reminds us that even fleeting, temporal things are just as worthy of contemplation and tribute and remembering as the “big”/important/lasting things are. It is our common ground, our shared experience.

It literally AND figuratively gives us life!

So I encourage you (all three of you HAHA!) to do whatever you can to support JCUA and this event. This combination of food and the important work that JCUA does for our city just makes sense. Come eat, drink, and be merry and FEEL GOOD about it because you are directly supporting JCUA’s mission of creating social justice in Chicago with each bite, with each sip, with each laugh shared over the absurdly delicious food and drink that will be there for you on the 15th. I hope to see you all there!

Max Wolod is the Director of Beer, Spirits and Grocery for Standard Market. He loves his big sister Hannah.

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